Friday, February 5, 2010

Another EEG. A mom can hope.

Well, Jailen had an EEG this week. He's finished with his 80 sessions of HBOT & we've seen so many improvements that I thought there may be improvements there as well. He takes Phenobarbital every night, & I just hate that he has to take prescription medication. He's only 4!! You know you see how when older people need to start taking prescription medication, it just snowballs. They take one for a while, then they have to take another one for the side effects of the first one, & so on. I don't want that to happen to Jailen. Anytime there's a possibility of reducing medications, I jump on the idea. So anyway, I'm very excited to say that he did NOT require sedation for the test!!! He was a very big boy & enjoyed chit chatting with the nurse while the procedure was taking place. He's getting so big. I'm so proud of my lil buddy. I was watching the computer monitor & the lines were going crazy. The EEG looked the same as it did 2yrs ago. I almost cried. I started to get upset, then I thought to myself. Thank God this one medication controls his seizures as well as it does. I can personally think of 3 children that I know of who are on 2-3 seizure meds, & still have seizures. And Jailen's been making so many awesome improvements lately that right there in the hospital room I decided it doesn't matter how scrambled things look on the inside. He's still his same blossoming self on the outside & he's doing way more now than we ever could've hoped for. So, I didn't let myself get upset. Instead, we continued discussing the girlfriends he has at school (5)! :)

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  1. Jessica, wow, I love how you were able to turn around a potentially difficult situation! Go girl! I'm so with you on viewing things from a positive perspective and if Jailen is happy and improving, that's all that matters! I am glad we share the same perspective about our boys - enjoying them to the max. They are wonderful gifts. I've added your blog to my RSS reader and will continue following your journey!!!