Friday, February 19, 2010

Say Thank You

As I sit here writing this, Jailen is telling my nephew to thank me for a cheeseburger we brought him 2 days ago. He is teaching all of us how to be polite & considerate. If someone sneezes, he says "Bless you", & waits for a "thank you" in return so he can follow with his "you're welcome". I've never seen a child so sweet. This is one of the many many things he does that just warms my heart. It also makes me wonder how something so horrible could happen to someone so special. I've come to believe, though, that he is this way because of all he's been through. Had he not had to endure so much so early, he may never have been this sweet. He does have his sassy moments, don't get me wrong. Like yesterday it was nap time, he didn't want to go so he started screaming, "MAKE ME"! LOL It's cute just because he can do it! How do you make yourself "discipline" a child like him, though? I haven't figured that out yet.

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